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Floral Scents

Fragrances ~ try them out and save ~ get 5 ~ 2 oz. ~for only $21.25

When ordering 5 or more 1lb size fragrance the price drops by $1.00 per pound.

When ordering 5 or more of the 4 oz. or 8 oz. size your price will drop by .25 cents each






Soy Review

Gel Safe

Skin Safe



Bamboo Ivy

  Awesome Test Yes  


Black Orchid


Bergamot, Citrus, Black Gardenia, Jasmine Ylany-Ylang, Lotus Wood, Orchid, Spicy Floral Accord, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Vanilla Awesome      

Butteryfly Meadows


Summer Dandelion, Refreshing Verbena, Soft Heliotrope, Spring Meadows, Lily of the Valley, Weeping Willow, Sweet Pea Blossoms, Kentucky Blue Grass. Awesome      

Dragon's Blood


This unique fragrance is a rich blend of earthy patchouli,
sweet tonka bean, and vanilla extract combined with juicy top
notes of tangerine zest and a heart white rose.








A Rich and clean eucalyptus redolent of deep forest and floral notes Awesome No Yes 130
Field of Tulips


A spring fresh burst of fresh tulip blossoms with a green rosy top-note a cyclamen - heliotrope body and a white jasmine, geranium base note Awesome No yes 200

Fiori Di Sicilia


An aldehydic estery green citrus bouquet with orange and lemon notes on a sweet vanilla background Awesome      






Floral, Rose Demai, Freesia, Lilly of the valley, Sweet Orange flower and Jasmine notes.




Sweet floral scent, a blend of jasmine flowers Awesome yes yes 200



Floral. Herbaceous Lavender, with a hint of rose and eucalyptus oils Awesome No Yes 180



Pure Thai Lemongrass, green and dewy grassy notes mixed with brisk fresh Lemon citrus.  Aromatic enhancement is derived from a touch of Bergamot and Mandarin from Italy which balances freshness with warmth and longevity. Awesome Test    

Lily of the Valley





A floral bouquet with hints of fruits and woods. Awesome Yes Yes 200


A rich, woody aromatic patchouli type with a slight ethereal floral top-note a spicy woody middle note and a sweet, dry balsamic base note. Awesome No No 200



A sweet floral scent





Raspberry Rose


A rich floral rose and black raspberry type with top-notes of cognac oil, raspberry, apple, geranium and lily, middle notes of damascenia rose, violet, and jasmine and a soft sweet musky base note Awesome No yes 200
Raspberry Violet


Notes of raspberry highlight this floral base. Very good scent throw Awesome No yes 200
Rapture (VS Type)


A rich, floral bouquet of violet, neroli and jasmine on a bed of musk and vanilla. Awesome yes


yes 185



A pretty blend of magnolia, rose, lily and woods. Awesome Yes Yes 200



The enchanting aroma of rich Moroccan rose petals highlighted by crisp green leaves and a touch of juicy orange. Awesome Test Yes 135
New !!

Sparkling Orange, Italian Bergamot, Lime Peel, Spanish Rosemary, Thyme Leafs, Australian Eucalyptus, Cedar Wood, Patchouli, White Musk Awesome Test Yes 150

Seychelles Cove


A Fruity mix enhanced with floral notes of muguet, rose and jasmine gently resting on a base of sandalwood and musk. Awesome No Yes 165

Summer Hydrangea


A classic, hydrangea softened with hints of
geranium, white rose, and juicy apple peel.
Awesome Test Yes 200

Sweet Pea



Refreshing Floral with hints of Jasmine, Violet and Lily of the Valley  




Yes 145

White Spring Lilac


A floral bouquet of lilac, rose, jasmine, and musk Awesome Yes Yes 200

White Tea


Artemisia Leaves, Ambrette, White Pepper, White Tea, Musk, Woody Amber. Awesome Yes Yes 188

Wind Chimes


A fresh floral with an ozonic accord, herbs, sandalwood and patchouli. Awesome Yes Yes 200

Designer / Clean Bakery Scents Fruit Scents Floral Scents Fragrances A - C Fragrances D - G Fragrances H - M Fragrances N - R Fragrances S - Z