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2015 Fragrance Trend

Posted by Beth Eggert on 1/28/2015
Tradition meets modern spirit. For 2015, Bell expects traditional and familiar scents will be placed in personal and household care products. It said rose is the all-rounder with its various facets all-over-the-year: fresh and lively fragrances are used for spring and summertime while creamy-cosmetic compositions will pamper through the winter season. A summer highlight will be the topic of tea, according to analyst. The product range is diversified and offers light and cool-fresh variants up to aromatic and tangy tea interpretations. Such fragrances will be replaced by leathery and heavy-sweet compositions in the second half of the year, the company predicted. “Fragrance Innovation Zone." Analyst determined fragrance trends in 2015 is the topic of rhubarb in different applications. This includes green, lively and slightly bitter notes combined with floral elements. Furthermore the trend color 2015, Pantone’s Marsala, will affect the world of fragrances. Sensual berry nuances will touch all four seasons and will provide its characteristic scent profile to various product categories. The demand for oriental fragrances will be satisfied by oud-compositions as well as leathery accents.

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