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How Long Will a Candle Burn?

Posted by Beth Eggert on 8/5/2015
How long will a candle burn?

Normally a candle will burn approximately 7 hours per ounce of wax. This can change though if you use a hotter wick than recommended for your container .  You can weigh your candle before burning and weigh it after burning to see how much wax burned in that amount of time.  

What do the different notes in fragrance represent?

TOP NOTES: The initial aroma experienced. The notes with the highest “lift”.

MIDDLE NOTES: Most pronounced aromatic impact. The “heart” of the fragrance and key to recognition.

BASE NOTES: Base notes, or bottom notes, have the lowest “lift” characteristics. An important part of the fragrance character for stability.

Can I market my candles as Soot Free?

We do not recommend this type of labeling as anything with a flame will give off soot and this can and will get you in trouble.

Can I add food items, like sprinkles to my candles?

Anything that can catch fire should not be added to your candles.  You could add it to your bath and body products or your melts, but never to a burning candle.

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