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Marshmallow 16oz

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Flash Point 200


Skin Safe Yes
Dark Cocoa, thick marshmallow cream, warm chocolate, caramelized sugar, rich vanilla. 

Vanilla Content:
Et-Van-5.10%   Vanillin- 7.20%

*Phthalate Free

3 Stars
Please Change the Name!!!
This fragrance is completely mislabeled, and I hope Southern Scentsations will take my suggestion to change the name into consideration, because it is downright inaccurate. This fragrance is hot cocoa with a hint of marshmallows in it. If I were rating it as such I would assign it five stars as a cocoa powder fragrance. As a marshmallow, I'd give it 1 star because it is NOT a marshmallow fragrance. The average comes out to a three stars, and that is as fair as I can be to this poor, confused fragrance. Now, let me tell you about the fragrance, itself. OOB it STINKS, and there is no way around it. OOB it smells like leather fragrance oil, a dirty dish towel, cocoa, a hint of marshmallow, raw mushrooms, and feet. When it settles into the wax, the leather burns off and so does the musty dish towel, mushroom, and feet notes. You are left with a dang good hot chocolate (with little marshmallows in it) smell. In fact I'll go so far as to say it is a WONDERFUL, lovely hot chocolate. I am going to accept my share of the responsibility for this one. Southern Scentsations' description (I went back and looked!) clearly lists the fragrance notes, and they lead with cocoa! I missed this because who the heck would expect a scent called Marshmallow to be anything other than just that. It would be like if I ordered a jam scent and got a bottle of fragrance that smelled predominantly like peanut butter. So, I'm a bit naffed off at myself for not catching this by reading the description, but also not 100% happy with SS if I'm being honest. I would also like to add that I think SS NEEDS an authentic, single note marshmallow fragrance in their line up--it is such a staple blending fragrance. Please realize I am a fan of SS, and I'm mentioning this in an effort to assist them with constructive feedback.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Milwaukee, WI . on 8/5/2020

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