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More Questions Asked

Posted by Beth Eggert on 1/17/2015
Why do soy candles have craters or lumpy tops? When soy sets up it tends to trap air which leads to craters and lumpy tops. Many people will wait 24 hours for the candles to set up and use a heat gun on the tops to re-melt a small portion of the wax and let it fill in the craters and have a nice smooth top. Some people feel if they pour their candles at a lower temperature that they set up smoother. I use a heat gun on all my candles because one time, by accident, I found a sink hole next to my wick that was hidden under a small layer of wax and if a customer would have burned that candle it would have tunneled and eventually put it self out. Using a heat gun will uncover any hidden sink holes. I hope this helps and please keep your questions coming. Have great day! Beth

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