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Posted by Beth on 1/10/2015
From the Novice to the Advanced........ candle maker's will always have questions. 
1.)  Why don't my candles smell?
There are many reasons that you can't smell you candles:
A: You have "Candle Nose" which simply means you have been around the fragrances so much that you can no longer distinguish the different scents.  Your nose becomes immuned to smells.
B: Many people feel that by adding more fragrance to a candle it will smell better but the opposite could happen.  Wax is like a sponge it will only hold so much fragrance then it will seep out.  When the wick is lit and burning it pulls up the fragrance, wax and dye so too much of anything will make the wick burn improperly or not at all therefore no scent throw. 
C: Be sure to use a scale when making candles.  Weighing your fragrance instead of measuring.  If you use a scale you will be more precise in candle making.  Suggestive starting point for fragrance is 1 1/2 oz of fragrances for every pound of soy.  That is just a starting point some fragrance oils you can add less some more but test, test, test.
D: Its hard burning candles in Summer because many people run their air conditioner and then the air is on it tends to dissipate the scent and it becomes harder to smell.
Hope this helps.  We are always here to help in anyway we can.
We will list more questions and answers.  Please let us know if you have any questions.
Next question will be how to calculate making one candle at a time instead of a whole batch.

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