Stitches Bears

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Package of 2 bears for dipping. Price is for the package of 2 7" tall. Basic Instructions for Wax-Dipped Animals Melt wax (add about 1.5oz of fragrance per every lb of wax used) stirring well. At this time you can add dye to match darker or colored bears allowing it to blend better with the material. The average wax temperature is 170-185º F. After the wax is melted, unplug the cooker so as not to exceed 185º F. If the wax is too hot, the animal may shrink and become misshapen. Using a pair of tongs, dip and roll the animal in the wax for about 2 min or until well saturated. Using the tongs pull the animal out of the wax and, while wearing thick rubber gloves, squeeze out some of the excess wax. Tip: if you put the animal on a screen over your pot, the wax will drip back into your pot for the next animal. This means less waste and less mess! Immediately use a large tooth wire comb (or fork in a pinch) to comb or fluff the hair. Longer hair requires more fluffing. This must be done before the wax hardens. Next let cool to the touch, then put on a cooking sheet to finish the process. You can pose them at this point. To completely dry, let stand about 2 hours. Once completely cooled you can package them in a cellophane bag and tie with a decorative ribbon. We recommend enclosing instructions for care. Additional Comments The general consensus is that 1 larger animal or two smaller animals require about 1 lb of wax with the average size being 6-10" sitting (head to tail). Never put wax-dipped animals directly on wood. A dish, glass or metal, will protect the wood surface from stain by the oils in the wax. Keep out of the reach of children, as these animals are no longer toys. Wax dipped animals do not need wicks because they are not meant to burn. Get creative with bows, decorations, packaging, accessories and poses. Have fun!

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