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Strawberries and Champagne 5lb

Strawberries and Champagne 5lb

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Strong notes of strawberry highlight this unique fragrance.

This fragrance begins with a lemon citrus accord intertwined with a strawberry complex. The main theme is champagne blended with strawberries. The fragrance dries down to an amber musk base with a jasmine inflection.

Top- Lemon, Strawberry

Mid- Champagne, Strawberry

Bottom- Amber, Musk, Jasmine

Vanilla Content:

Et-Van None - Vanillin 1.20%

MSDS:  /assets/images/Strawberrries Champagne MSDS.pdf

Cold Process Results: (2 results)
Acceleration- Accelerated**
                       None Noted

Discoloration- Slight discoloration
                        No Discoloration

Overall rating(1-3 being best)- 3, & 3

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