Caramel Brown Butterscotch Mica Powder - 2 oz.

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Approved Cosmetic Uses & Our Test Results

General: Yes Mixes In: Oil Type: Mica
Lip Products: Yes Migrates: No Finish: Shimmer
Eye Products: Yes pH Changes: No Microns: 10-60 µm
Nails: Yes UV Fade: No Group: Brown

Caramel Brown Butterscotch Mica Powder is a shimmering brown cosmetic powder. The color reminds us of a delicious caramel butterscotch cookie.

The pictured lotus blossom is clear melt and pour soap colored at a rate of 1 tsp. per pound of soap. Color will appear pastel and less vibrant in opaque melt and pour soap bases.

Appearance: Shimmering Dark Gold Powder
Avg. Particle Size: 10-60 µm

Physical Form: Dark Gold Powder
Solubility: Disperses in Oil
Country of Origin: China

Storage: Room temperature. Airtight container.
Best Used By: One year from date of purchase.
Shelf Life Once Used in Manufacturing: One year from manufacturing date.

TIPS: Using too much color may cause staining. Test your final product to ensure optimal performance and no staining. Protect work areas and clothing when mixing.

STORAGE: Store in an airtight, cool, dark location. When stored properly, best used within 1 year from date of purchase.

CAUTION: Approved for general cosmetics, lip, eye and nail products. For external use only. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not inhale.

International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI):
Mica, Iron Oxide, Titanium Dioxide

Common Name Ingredient Listing (FDA Approved):
Mica, Iron Oxide, Titanium Dioxide

Caramel Brown Butterscotch Mica Powder-SDS

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