Titanium Dioxide 1 ounce

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Titanium Dioxide 1 ounce Uses: Lip-balm, eye shadows, soaps, and more. Great filler mix for Eye Shadow and Cosmetics. Ingredients: Titanium dioxide (oil Base)

When used in Cold Process add to your base oils and mix well prior to adding the lye water solution.

Natural pigment that is oil soluable.    Also perfect for lip stick and mineral makeup.

For cold process, add ½ teaspoon of oxide to 1 ounce of a carrier oil like Sweet Almond or Olive Oil and mix well using a mini mixer – add 1 teaspoon of this mixture to your batch

While this is a non-bleeding colorant, if you add too much to your soap it can stain clothing and can migrate into other colors.

For Melt and Pour Soap Base we recommend starting out at 1/8th teaspoon per pound.

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