Tube Wick - Pack of 10

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The tube wick concept offers an aesthetic upgrade and unique alternative to traditional braided wicks.  This new wick can be used in conjunction with a braided wick/clip assembly.  The wooden wick has increasingly become the premier choice for many candle makers and candle enthusiasts across the US and internationally. 

Simply slide the tube wick down over your braided wick/clip assembly and the job is complete.  This is best performed during the cool down period after the wax is poured into the container and the congealing process has begun.  It is important that this tube wick be inserted into the wax during this stage to maintain the shape of the tube and avoid the floating of the wick in the liquid wax solution.  It is strongly recommended you test as you may be able to wick down a few steps, and determine what is the best and safest burn. 

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